These are the principal occupants of the key positions at Abergavenny Cricket Club in our recent past.

YearChairmanCaptainPlayer Coach
2023Andy TimpsonWill Glenn
2022Andy TimpsonWill GlennJames Francis
2021Andy TimpsonWill GlennJames Francis
2020Andy TimpsonWill GlennVacant
2019Andy TimpsonWill GlennAdam Harrison
2018Andy TimpsonGeraint LeachAdam Harrison
2017Stephen DenningGeraint LeachAdam Harrison
2016Stephen DenningGeraint LeachGeraint Leach
2015Stephen DenningGavin HeritageGeraint Leach
2014Stephen DenningGavin HeritageAli Bukhari
2013Brian MayersJames SchofieldAli Bukhari
2012Brian MayersJames SchofieldVacant
2011Warren ButterworthJames SchofieldRyan Watkins
2010Tony ColesJames SchofieldRyan Watkins
2009Tony ColesStephen BrownRichard Levi (Part)
2008Tony ColesStephen BrownAndrew Robinson
2007Tony ColesJohn PhillipsVacant
2006Tony ColesAndrew JonesVacant
2005Tony ColesKeith Newell & Andrew JonesKeith Newell (Part)
2004Paul SussexKeith NewellKeith Newell
2003Paul SussexKeith NewellKeith Newell
2002Paul SussexBen PowellAlan Free
2001Paul SussexBen PowellBrad Murphy
2000Tony ColesGeriant JonesDarren Holder
1999Tony ColesGareth MeredithRoss Lupton
1998Tony ColesGareth MeredithRoss Lupton
1997Ken WilliamsPaul SussexBrad Murphy
1996Ken WilliamsPaul SussexBrad Murphy
1995Brian MayersPaul SussexAashish Kapoor
1994Brian MayersPaul SussexDamian D’Oliveira
1993Brian MayersMark WinstanleyVacant
1992Brian MayersMark WinstanleyVacant
1991Brian MayersMark WinstanleyAjay Banerjee
1990Tony MeadPhillip Wakins & Warren ButterworthHamish Anthony
1989Tony MeadPhillip WatkinsNo Position
1988Tony MeadRyland WallaceNo Position
1987Tony MeadRyland WallaceNo Position
1986Tony MeadRyland WallaceNo Position
1985Brian ShackletonDavid GriffinNo Position
1984Tony PatonDavid GriffinNo Position
1983Tony PatonRichard BrownNo Position
1982Ken WilliamsRichard BrownNo Position
1981Ken WilliamsRichard BrownNo Position
1980Brian ShackletonMichael PowellNo Position
1979Brian ShackletonMichael PowellNo Position
1978Brian ShackletonMichael PowellNo Position
1977Peter JonesMichael PowellNo Position
1976Peter JonesMichael PowellNo Position
1975Peter JonesMichael PowellNo Position